What is Lifesaver?

Lifesaver is the Solution that is changing the way retail forex industry views retention.
Proactive Retention
Helps brokers become proactive in their retention processes instead of reactive
Minimize Withdrawals
Engage with traders before they are looking to withdraw their account or go dormant
High Risk Behavior
Identify Clients that exhibit “High Risk Behavior’s” in targeted areas
Appropriate Action
Take appropriate Targeted action with specific traders

High Risk Behaviour

Lifesaver identifies and alerts brokers high-risk trader behaviour in the following 4 ways:
Trading and/or Losing money around market news events
Shows a lack of understanding of external market forces and dynamics of market volatility
Traders over-exposing themselves on certain currency pairs
This shows a lack of understanding of pip sizes and their US$ value of movements.
Incurring large losses when compared to deposit sizes
This shows a lack of money management techniques and requires brokers to explain how to set stop losses and how to size positions accordingly.
Having numerous consecutive losing trades
This may indicate that the trader’s strategy may not be working for current market conditions.

How it Works

We connect to your trade database through MetaTrader’s built-in MySQL export mechanism. We perform our data analysis on this data to provide the results to you via Web based UI, Webhooks, or API.
SAAS Solution
On Premise Solution

Seamlessly integrates into existing business processes

The power of Lifesaver is that it has the ability to fit seamlessly into your existing marketing / sales / retention processes. This is achieved through mechanisms:
Lifesaver has the ability to call predefined endpoints when high risk behaviour has been identified. For example, your developers can build a webhook that performs certain internal functions such as modify CRM settings, or send internal alert emails to a retention department.
Lifesaver has a REST API that your developers can use to query any of the data that Lifesaver produces.

Simplify the world of retention

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