Content Solutions

Content for Retention Teams and Campaigns

Provide content to retention customers for visibility into volatility around news events

Content based on Macroeconomic Events

Produce content that is unique with different versions of analysis around Macroeconomic events

Multilanguage Content Solution

Produce multi-language content for messaging to traders in different regions

Save Time & Money on content production

Save your brokerage time and money on the production of retention messaging content

Automated messaging for retention

Content that can be directly integrated into your CRM to target your retention clients

Targeted Campaigns

Adding valuable content to your retention campaigns

Type of content Delkos produces for retention

Volatility Alerts (2 Hours prior to the News Event)
Volatility Alerts that show the increase in volatility around news events
Compare’s the volatility to normal trading ranges
Gives a list of the assets affected
Simple and easy to understand and can be sent to beginner and advanced audiences
Integrates directly into brokers messaging solutions
Skinned to your broker Corporate Identity

Simplify the world of retention

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